About Me

Born a war baby - different caste than boomers. 

Dropped out of school in the 9th grade: poverty? purposelessness? the other gender?
I've often wondered what I might have accomplished had I not spent so much energy on women. Alas, they were a delight. 

Math was another insatiable lust. However, learning via curiosity does attenuate the breadth.

Joined the US Air Force during the initiation of the Vietnam War. Good growth, albeit narrow. Air Force prompted me to join their nuclear reactor program, chose not to.

Left the service honorably and became an OJT computer programmer under a genuine genius who defined the profession. What a thrill; explored my limitations in real-time within reasonable boundaries, under phenomenal training, and well paid.

Fabricated a college math degree for all of my employers - some believed me, most hired me.

Lost the hunger for programming and management in my fifth decade. Finally got a BA math degree and a MA tech degree. Spent the next eleven years enjoyably teaching high school math in a rural setting. Departed teaching as PC recast the profession.

Now fully retired.

Karin and my daughters: Debbie, Denise & Donna, are my solace.

In sum, it's been just, it's been good.